2015 By The Numbers

I finished the bulk of the accounting for my business for 2015 over the weekend. There are a few odds and ends to take care of in the final days of the year, but more or less I’m set to finalize my financial statements early in 2016. Here’s how they stand (rounded numbers):



Consulting Fees:     $18,700

Wilderness Guiding Fees:     $3,080

Writing & Photography Sales:     $270

Total Revenues:     $22,050


Advertising:     $730

Education/Workshops:    $4,360

Office Expenses (includes $5K of items I need to shift to assets – hooray, I get to build a balance sheet!):     $8,920

Travel-Related Expenses:     $4,620

Total Expenses:      $18,630

Net Income:     $3,420 

There you have it. In my first full year of business, I spent less than I brought in – even with investing in some key technology (the items that need to move to my brand new balance sheet). The picture for 2016 looks even cleaner and possibly simpler.


Other interesting numbers for 2015 include:

45 – number of days I didn’t work in 2015 (as of December 23rd)

230 – hours guided

40% – increase in social media following

25,000 – pageviews to this website (filtered for spambots)

1 – photography piece sold (thanks, Kristen)

5 – guest blog posts sold


Coming up next: 2015 By My Gut Feeling

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