2016 Budget for KMS Outdoors

As I work for myself and by myself, I only have myself to whom to be accountable when it comes to my business’ finances. It would be easy to fly by the seat of my pants in terms of budgeting and spending for the year but you know me better than that by now, right?


I spent time over the holidays reviewing, dreaming, and planning.  I put numbers to those dreams based on some reality (consulting work) and some stretch goals (hello, writing and photography sales!). By putting numbers to the dreams I made them more concrete, a goal to work towards. When I was running regularly, I rarely ran for the fun of it. I always ran because I was training for a race. I need the carrot to motivate me.


With my revenues fleshed out I looked at my expenses and made some estimates. I have a pretty good handle on what my expenses are to run my business and what I don’t have to invest in this year because I invested in it last year. What’s less clear is what it will take to build a partnership with a local photography printer. So there’s a little pixie dust involved too.


I use FreshBooks in order to track my actual revenues and expenses, to track time,  and to send out invoices. I use Excel to budget. In 2015 I didn’t reflect my actuals against my budget as often as I could have. That will change in 2016 so that I can understand what’s working and change tack as needed. With all of that as background, here are what my estimates and pixie dust look like (rounded numbers):



Consulting Fees:     $18,000

Wilderness Guiding Fees:     $5,000

Writing & Photography Sales:     $8,700

Total Revenues:     $31,700


Marketing:     $2,200

Education / Workshops:     $2,000

Operational Expenses:     $6,600

Travel-Related Expenses:     $500

Total Expenses: $11,300

Net Income: $20,400


By spending less and earning a bit more in the more creative aspects of my business, I should be able to put my business further ahead than last year. Stay tuned.

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