2016 By The Numbers

I finished the bulk of the accounting for my business for 2016 on Friday evening in preparation to finalize my budget for 2017. There are some odds and ends that still need to be ironed out; however, here’s how 2016 ended more or less for KMS Outdoors (rounded numbers).

Note: Some of my ‘revenues’ come from opportunities where I’m on another organization’s payroll. Because I’m a sole proprietor and because I’ve picked up those roles as a result of my small business, I’ve opted to include them here. I’ve included the associated expenses but excluded truly personal expenses such as my dog’s grooming bills because they have nothing to do with my business.



Consulting and Teaching:     $26,830

Wilderness Guiding:     $6,160

Writing & Photography:     $40

Total Revenues:     $33,030


Advertising:     $250

Education/Workshops:    $2,530

Office/Operations Expenses:     $10,480

Travel-Related Expenses:     $3,090

Total Expenses:      $16,350

Net Income:     $16,680 


Needless to say, I’m excited for where my small business is heading. There will be more great things for it and for me in 2017.


Other interesting numbers for 2016 include:

36 – number of days I didn’t work in 2016 (9 less than 2015 – hmmmm…should be better about scheduling and sticking to days off in 2017)

320 – hours guided

31% – increase in social media following (primarily in Twitter)

26,100 – pageviews to this website (filtered for spambots as best I can)

1 – photography piece sold (thanks, Alvina)


Up next: my 2016 reflections on my business and my 2017 budget.

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