2017 Budget for KMS Outdoors

I need a budget to keep me on track during the year. I haven’t had one year the same as the previous since I made my career change. So my budget occasionally requires some revising during the year, primarily increases to the revenue section. I start the year with a pretty conservative revenue budget and I work to keep my expenses steady throughout the year. Here’s how my 2017 budget shakes out as of early January:

Some of my ‘revenues’ come from opportunities where I’m on another organization’s payroll. Because I’m a sole proprietor and because I’ve picked up those roles as a result of my small business, I’ve opted to include them here. I’ve included the associated expenses but excluded truly personal expenses such as my dog’s grooming bills because they have nothing to do with my business.

2017 Budget for KMS Outdoors


Consulting and Teaching: $25,400

Wilderness Guiding: $3,200

Writing & Photography Sales: $7,200

Total Revenues: $35,800



Marketing: $2,700

Education / Workshops: $600

Operational Expenses: $2,500

Travel-Related Expenses: $14,900

Total Expenses: $20,700


Net Income: $15,100


I’ve opted for a more conservative budget than 2016’s. However I continue to work towards spending less overall and earning more in my creative endeavours. You can have a look at my 2015 results, my 2016 budget, and my 2016 results if you’re curious about the progression of my business.


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