clean drinking water

Reflection: Clean Drinking Water

The headlines from Flint, Michigan and the First Nations communities across Canada had me wondering what was being done to...

Annapolis Valley

Nova Scotia: Annapolis Valley

Russ and I started our Nova Scotia adventure last May in Wolfville and used the town as a base to...

learning curve

Career Change: Climbing the Learning Curve

It’s been five years since I decided to apply to Algonquin College’s ODAN program. Five. Years. It’s been three years...

rainy day in paris

Wordless Wednesdays: Rainy Day in Paris

winter sleep system during winter camping

Sleep System

If you’re well-hydrated, well-fed, and you’ve slept well any adventure will seem that much brighter, especially outdoor adventures. Here¬†are some...

2016 by the numbers

2016 By The Numbers

I finished the bulk of the accounting for my business for 2016 on Friday evening in preparation to finalize my budget...

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