Headlamp Media small business consulting

Where Did Small Business Consulting Go?

Where did my small business consulting practice go? Good question. After three and a half years of cramming all of...

Carlyle Campsite

Scouting a New Route

Jenny and I said good-bye to our clients, consolidated gear, repacked her tripping canoe and headed out to paddle Carlyle...

bald eagle in goldstream

Wordless Wednesdays: Bald Eagle of Goldstream

Bancroft York River - Rockhound Gemboree

Coming Soon: 54th Annual Rockhound Gemboree

Nestled in Ontario’s Highlands halfway between Ottawa and Toronto, the town of Bancroft is known as the Mineral Capital of...


On the Podcast Bandwagon

I turned on my car in Pembroke yesterday and all that came out of my radio – which I’d left...

around Killarney

Wordless Wednesdays: Around Killarney

Staying present in this setting should be easy

Book Excerpt: Staying Present

As I drive down Highway 69 to the 400 past Britt, past Pointe au Baril, past Shawanaga First Nation, and...

Hairy cow at the Macallan

Wordless Wednesdays: A Visit to the Macallan

Georgian Bay landscape

Wordless Wednesdays: Georgian Bay Landscape