love letter to my tent and top 5 posts of 2017

Round-Up: The Top 5 Posts of 2017

Here are the top 5 posts of 2017 from Kate Ming-Sun Outdoors. As always, thank you for all of your...

2017 best nine

Wordless Wednesdays: 2017 Best Nine

winter solstice eve

Wordless Wednesdays: Winter Solstice Eve

at starbucks

At Starbucks

A horde of middle-school-aged boys and girls streamed through the front doors and stopped near my high-top table at Starbucks.

Reflections cancelling nature

Cancelling Nature

In June 2014 the Canadian federal government gave the final green light to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, subject to...

Up and Down

Wordless Wednesdays: Up and Down

Writer's gremlin lost and found

Lost and Found

I found something recently, an unexpected outcome of writing more or perhaps the career change as a whole.

writing notebooks Mark Twain

Mark Twain

If you missed part one in this series, click here. “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”...

winter walk

Wordless Wednesdays: Winter Walk

classified advertisement

Classified Advertisement: Lost and Found

LOST: My sanity

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