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winter first aid

Winter First Aid

I’ve written a number of pieces about how you can prevent the need for winter first aid such as layering,...

pipelines and drinking water

Reflection: On Pipelines and Drinking Water

On day 4 of his presidency*, Trump signed a presidential memorandum (which is different from an executive order) to expedite the...

s.t.o.p. stop think observe plan

Career Change: Slow Down and S.T.O.P.

We have an acronym in wilderness medicine: S.T.O.P.

tree frog costa rica outdoor adventure show

Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017

I’ve attended the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show since 2012. 

mental health

Mental Health Issues: Let’s End the Stigma

This was not an easy one to write and I know that makes me part of the problem. I’m here...

snow cave emergency shelters

Emergency Shelters: Winter Edition

It’s the fear our non-outdoorsy friends and families have when we adventure during winter: what happens if you get caught...

Book Excerpt: The Thrill of Whitewater Canoeing

The portage appeared as we paddled around the pink granite bend, the trailhead shimmering like a mirage in the haze...

Women's March Toronto Queens Park

Finding Our Voice and Taking Up Space

Note: There is language visible in some of the photos – all of which are mine – that is potentially...

Mexican Tall Ship Halifax

Nova Scotia: Halifax

After exploring the Annapolis Valley and Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove, Russ and I drove up Highway 103 to Halifax to wind...

what do you do

Answering the “What Do You Do?” Question

When I worked in finance, I always had a succinct answer to the standard small talk question “so, what do you...

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