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around Killarney

Wordless Wednesdays: Around Killarney

Staying present in this setting should be easy

Book Excerpt: Staying Present

As I drive down Highway 69 to the 400 past Britt, past Pointe au Baril, past Shawanaga First Nation, and...

Hairy cow at the Macallan

Wordless Wednesdays: A Visit to the Macallan

Georgian Bay landscape

Wordless Wednesdays: Georgian Bay Landscape

stormy rewards

Wordless Wednesdays: Stormy Rewards

the path of least resistance

Musings from June 24th

I’m feeling a bit stuck, as though I have a general sense for where I am on the map.

snapping turtle

Wordless Wednesdays: Friendly Neighborhood Snapping Turtle

Musings from June 17th

Three weeks. Three weeks since I last worked on the shitty first draft.

Wilderness First Responder course

What is a Wilderness First Responder?

I first became a wilderness first responder in January 2013. I took an eighty-hour course at the start of the...

4th Annual Women on Water group shot

Recap: 4th Annual Women on Water Paddling Festival

If you run in the same social media circles that I do, you’ve likely seen the header to this post...

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