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Canadian Still Life

Wordless Wednesdays: Canadian Still Life

Gros Morne sign

Wordless Wednesdays: Which Way to Gros Morne?

Newfoundland spider webs

Wordless Wednesdays: Walking Into Spider Webs

Lock em up

Wordless Wednesdays: Lock ‘Em Up

Scarlet tanager in Rondeau Provincial Park

Spring Migration at Rondeau Provincial Park

I stood on the boardwalk in Rondeau Provincial Park beneath Tulip trees, Sassafrass, and Shagbark Hickories. I listened and watched,...

san jose costa rica

Costa Rica: San Jose

We started and ended our Costa Rica adventures in San Jose.

wildlife and bird watching

Costa Rica: Wildlife and Bird Watching

On many of my personal backcountry trips – and even on some of my work ones – I tend to...

Costa Rica drfitwood in Cahuita National Park

Costa Rica: Biking and Cahuita National Park

We left EARTH University and arrived at the beach town of Cahuita, just outside of its eponymous national park and met...

City by the Bay

Wordless Wednesdays: City by the Bay

Costa Rica hike

Costa Rica: Take a Hike (to El Tigre)

Coffee. I awoke at 5:30 to the beautiful music of a river running from its source and all I could...

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