Book Excerpt: Fossils and Fuzzy Caterpillars

I trailed the other girls as we tripped down the trail towards the lake.

They laughed, shrieked, and chattered about this boy, that movie.

Fuzzy Caterpillars

I looked at the ground, trying to remember what the story was with the wooly caterpillars we stepped over. If the brown middle section was longer than the two black ends, did that mean a long summer? Or was it a long winter?

A cricket chirped as we made our way past the last clump of tall grass. The other girls and I stood on the shale shore of Cayuga Lake: fifty feet of loose slivers of rock leading into the cold dark waters of the longest Finger Lake.

We weren’t here to swim though. We could only swim with our color-coordinated swim caps within the confines of the camp’s dock.

No, we were here to look for fossils.


Every other piece of smooth, slate gray rock seemed to contain the shape of some ancient sea creature. This one looked like a conch shell. The next one like a beetle.

What a treasure trove of geological history.


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