Book Excerpt: Lurching Towards Launch

Screw it. I thought. Just push ahead with what you know.

I decided to offer big picture strategic planning services, marketing services, and financial planning services and hoped that I could find clients who needed me. I knew from all the business advice I had learned over the years that this was the most backwards way to go about building a business. What if no one wanted what I’d created, in the end? I pushed aside my concern and moved on.

Wearing my IT hat, I learned how to self-host a WordPress website. I figured out how to install a theme – the fonts and graphics and style that gives a website its appearance. I determined which plug-ins I needed to make my site safe and have it run smoothly. I sorted through my photos to determine which ones put my best foot forward as Kate Ming-Sun Outdoors. I resized them to work with the features the WordPress theme gave me.

Wearing my Marketing hat, I ran a logo contest with the designers on and solicited feedback from friends, family, and social media circles. I debated tag lines with Russ. I wrote copy for my website, crafting my story and that of each consulting service I planned to offer. The services were worthy of storytelling too. I set up a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts, Pinterest profile, and updated my LinkedIn account. I tried tumblr and Snapchat and felt old. I created a Google+ page and wondered about who spent time here. I signed up for an e-mail marketing program and marketed a newsletter through social media that I used to build anticipation for the launch of my website.

Wearing my Finance hat was most comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. I set up a business banking account with TD Canada Trust. I created a budget. I worried how I would pay for my start-up costs. I wondered how revenue would come in. “Sales Kate” wasn’t particularly strong on cold-calling.

I’m writing a career change memoir and I’d love your feedback as I post small ~300 word blurbs. What do you want to know more about? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? Comment below or e-mail me.

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