A Short Programming Note On Comments

Dear Reader,

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Are You Ready For Change?

I hear it a lot: “I wish I could do what you did” or “That was very brave of you.” The thing is when I left a six-figure Finance job to go back to school for an outdoor adventure diploma (“summer camp for adults” as one acquaintance put it) I felt like I was giving up, quitting, running away to join the circus.

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The Origins of My Outdoor Life

“Doesn’t your husband go winter camping with you?” asked a kindly stranger in Algonquin Park.

“Oh no,” I replied. “That’s not really his thing. He’s home with the dog.”

Truth is, I could insert almost any family member and outdoor activity into that first question and it would be the same conversation I’ve had with so many different people over the years. It’s usually followed by “so what happened to you?” + Read More

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