On Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, and Vocations

I sent this¬†newsletter out late in January that referenced a blog post from Elizabeth Gilbert. That post continues to sit with me and makes me want to delve further into how I occupy my time. There’s a certain element of fear that comes with exploring this topic: do I appear ungrateful for the work I do now? + Read More

8 Women Who Inspire Me

I celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 by acknowledging and thanking those who have blazed trails ahead of me. ¬†(Also proud to say I’ve worked for Pledge for Parity sponsor Ernst & Young in my former life.)

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I have spent much of my free time over the last week deliberating on the word contribution – what it means to me, how it plays a role in the life I lead and the work I do, who I impact. It’s a concept, if not the word itself, I’ve thought of often over the five years (five years!!) since I first worked with a career counselor to take the baby steps to a change. + Read More

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