WordPress White Screen of Death

Those of us Windows users are well-aware of one fatal system error result: the blue screen of death. I think every Dell I ever came into contact with at work or at home eventually met this fate:

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Rejection Stings

Last month I submitted an application to participate in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition that occurs in Nathan Phillips Square from July 8-10 this summer. Admittedly it was a looooooooong shot to get in as I haven’t exhibited anywhere before. But why not shoot for the moon, right? Yesterday afternoon I received a lovely rejection e-mail wishing me luck and encouraging me to apply again next year but not before I’d logged into my application and saw the screenshot above. NOT ACCEPTED. Fun times. So what now? + Read More

On Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, and Vocations

I sent thisĀ newsletter out late in January that referenced a blog post from Elizabeth Gilbert. That post continues to sit with me and makes me want to delve further into how I occupy my time. There’s a certain element of fear that comes with exploring this topic: do I appear ungrateful for the work I do now? + Read More

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