8 Women Who Inspire Me

I celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 by acknowledging and thanking those who have blazed trails ahead of me.  (Also proud to say I’ve worked for Pledge for Parity sponsor Ernst & Young in my former life.)

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I have spent much of my free time over the last week deliberating on the word contribution – what it means to me, how it plays a role in the life I lead and the work I do, who I impact. It’s a concept, if not the word itself, I’ve thought of often over the five years (five years!!) since I first worked with a career counselor to take the baby steps to a change. + Read More

2016 Budget for KMS Outdoors

As I work for myself and by myself, I only have myself to whom to be accountable when it comes to my business’ finances. It would be easy to fly by the seat of my pants in terms of budgeting and spending for the year but you know me better than that by now, right? + Read More

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