Hiking in the Rain Meditation

The rain hits the lush green canopy overhead. Pat. Pat pat pat pat. As its intensity increases so does the frequency with which droplets break through my leafy roof and splash on my nose.

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Review: Level Six’s Algonquin Portage Pack

Knowing that I’d be guiding most of the summer, I decided it was time to own my own canoe pack. As I was placing an order with MEC anyway, I opted for the one pack that looked easy enough to portage with a canoe over my head (i.e. a pack that would be wider than taller).

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Review: MEC Spark UL 1+

In late spring I knew the summer of 2016 had the potential to be hot. I didn’t want to sweat through six canoe trips in my four-season TGV-2. So I started looking for a lightweight three-season that also wouldn’t take up a ton of space in my backpack once I got around to finally doing my solo overnights (still hasn’t happened yet but I will go on one before the end of the year, you have my word).

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