Review: MEC’s TGV 2 Tent

I bought Mountain Equipment Co-op’s TGV 2 tent two years ago over the Labor Day 2012 weekend, just before the start of the Fall Camp that would officially kick off my career change. It was a bit of an impulse buy; as the second oldest person in the college program I was starting, I didn’t want to end up sharing a tent with someone half my age. After my husband got me settled into my little Pembroke cottage and headed five hours home to Toronto, I made the hour and a half drive east into Westboro for the first of many MEC Ottawa shopping runs. + Read More

Day 1: Arrival at Mew Lake

Date: Friday, February 12, 2016

Weather: Overcast, -8 degrees Celsius on arrival at Mew Lake

It worked out that Russ took Friday off and could get me to a spot to carpool to Algonquin, leaving him the car to get to my in-laws for dinner on Sunday. We met Stephane at the King City ONRoute at 10am, transferred my gear from the GTI to his Echo and away we went.

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Outdoor Adventure Show Thank You

Dear Friends,


It is February 28th and I am sitting  on the back porch of Studio Be, writing this letter in a sweater, jeans, and cotton socks (hardly the uniform of an outdoors person, right?), listening to the sparrows and chickadees chatter in the cedar bushes that fence in the back yard. A cardinal sets off its car alarm in the distance and overhead planes leave trails of white on a late-winter blue sky. What a wonderfully peaceful spot – in the city no less – to write you this thank you note. + Read More

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