Feedback and favorite memories from our adventures at Rollins Pond Campground

Review: Rollins Pond Campground

Rollins Pond Campground in the Adirondacks (New York State) is a fun spot to take the family camping and try...

Moraine Lake Driftwood Series 2

Wordless Wednesdays: Moraine Lake Driftwood 2



While participating in the ODAN program, the instructors required that we keep logbooks detailing the relevant facts during each of...

Mistaya River and the path of least resistance

Wordless Wednesdays: Mistaya River

trail clearing in WCPP

Trail Clearing in Woodland Caribou PP

What started off as a conversation over dinner after a trade show, led to me clearing trails in northwestern Ontario...

More from Moraine Lake

Wordless Wednesdays: More from Moraine Lake

ice out

Ice Ice Baby (Canoeing)

In the haste to get trails cleared in time for one outfitter’s season opening trip, we pushed the limits of...

MSR Whisperlite and pot set

Review: MSR’s WhisperLite Stove

I first learned how to cook on the MSR WhisperLite when I went back to school.

birch tree

Wordless Wednesdays: Birch Tree Ballet

Headlamp Media small business consulting

Where Did Small Business Consulting Go?

Where did my small business consulting practice go? Good question. After three and a half years of cramming all of...

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