Winter Travel

This is the third in a series on winter camping. If you missed the first two posts, start here and then here.

I trudged along, carefully placing one snowshoe in front of the next. My legs felt heavy after bushwhacking for six hours the day before. The next thing I knew I was face down in the snow, weighted by my backpack, instructor behind me trying not to laugh. Guess I failed to see that very visible tree root poking out of the snow.

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Winter Cooking

This is the second in a series on winter camping. If you missed the first post, start here.

On our first winter outing with Algonquin College, our instructors gave us all day to set up survival shelters and create a camp comfortable enough in which to spend time. As we enjoy cooking, my friend and I spent some considerable time creating a sweet snow kitchen. Priorities, right?

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Cross Country Skiing at Hilton Falls

Big thanks go to Kaydi for organizing a mid-week cross-country ski outing at Hilton Falls Conservation Area in Milton last week. The amount of time I can go between outdoor adventures is rapidly decreasing and grumpiness sets in if I don’t get outside in short order. I needed our two-hour ski and catch-up.

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