Dawn's early light

Wordless Wednesdays: Dawn’s Early Light

winds of change

Wordless Wednesdays: Winds of Change

Mount Rundle and the Milky Way

Wordless Wednesdays: Mount Rundle and the Milky Way

Glowing eyes

Wordless Wednesdays: Glowing Eyes

Vermillion Lakes

Wordless Wednesdays: Vermillion Lakes

winter first aid

Winter First Aid

I’ve written a number of pieces about how you can prevent the need for winter first aid such as layering,...

tree frog costa rica outdoor adventure show

Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017

I’ve attended the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show since 2012. 

snow cave emergency shelters

Emergency Shelters: Winter Edition

It’s the fear our non-outdoorsy friends and families have when we adventure during winter: what happens if you get caught...

blurred lines

Wordless Wednesdays: Blurred Lines

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Recap: Banff Mountain Film Festival – Ottawa

You get goosebumps when you hear its theme music. You know that voice – the one that comes deep from Richard...

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