Reflections cancelling nature

Cancelling Nature

In June 2014 the Canadian federal government gave the final green light to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, subject to...

Writer's gremlin lost and found

Lost and Found

I found something recently, an unexpected outcome of writing more or perhaps the career change as a whole.

writing notebooks Mark Twain

Mark Twain

If you missed part one in this series, click here. “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”...

classified advertisement

Classified Advertisement: Lost and Found

LOST: My sanity

on gun laws and reform

Reflection: On Gun Laws

I am unlikely to get through this post on gun laws and reform without someone yelling at me about the...


A Personal Reflection on Worry

I worry a lot. About


On Appropriation

Dear Paddling Magazine Editorial Team:

path of least resistance

The Path of Least Resistance

The path of least resistance. This phrase continues to pop up for me: in articles I read about career paths,...

News of recent events

Reflection: In Light of Recent Events

As the recent events in Charlottesville unfolded last weekend, I felt compelled to tweet this thread.

Dear Minister Bennett

Dear Minister Bennett

Dear Minister Bennett,

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