Mental Health Issues: Let’s End the Stigma

This was not an easy one to write and I know that makes me part of the problem. I’m here to correct that.

My first foray into advocacy for mental health involved raising $2,000 for The Brookline Center, now called the Brookline Community Mental Health Center. + Read More

Finding Our Voice and Taking Up Space

Note: There is language visible in some of the photos – all of which are mine – that is potentially not suitable for work or for children.

I am one of the lucky ones.

+ Read More

Reflection: Who do I want to be?

Snippets of conversation overheard followed by derisive snorts and unflattering comments. Do I speak up now? Do I shield the ears of the nearby children from those harmful words, no matter at whom they’re directed? Or do I not rock the boat and remain silent?  + Read More

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