Small Business Event: Rogers Talks

Once a year, Rogers – the Canadian communications giant – puts on Rogers Talks, a free event for small businesses in six cities.

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3 Lessons from my Second Year in Business

I have time. I have time to sit and think about how the previous year worked from a business perspective. I don’t need to fall into the trap of plowing through tasks from one year to the next without pausing to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t. I have time to celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. I’ve already been through the numbers. Now it’s time to think about what I want to continue in 2017 and what I need to drop.

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2017 Budget for KMS Outdoors

I need a budget to keep me on track during the year. I haven’t had one year the same as the previous since I made my career change. So my budget occasionally requires some revising during the year, primarily increases to┬áthe revenue section. I start the year with a pretty conservative revenue budget and I work to keep my expenses steady throughout the year. Here’s how my 2017 budget shakes out as of early January:

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