Musings from June 24th

I’m feeling a bit stuck, as though I have a general sense for where I am on the map.

But not really sure which direction I should be heading towards.

I might need to get back into the manuscript. Maybe I need to print it out again if I can’t write within the Word document itself. I can make progress from there.

I have enough words to take it to someone for some manuscript services but I’d really like to try this on my own. To see if I can get there with some of the questions and resources other writers and coaches have given me.

I don’t want to panic about not being able to come up with anything more than the initial paragraph for the shallow roots section. Surely there’s more in me. I just need to figure out how to tease it out.

Give all the writing prompts a try. Answer all the coach’s questions. Breathe.

Photo credit: Wolfgang Moritzer

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