Resources for Your Outdoors Family

I receive the occasional question about providing more information for families on my site. I’ve avoided the outdoors family topic for a while because I don’t have children of my own. Heck, I haven’t even adventured with my dog yet.

There are however some great adventure parents sharing information on the Internet. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:


1. Michael Lanza – The Big Outside (

The former Northwest editor for Backpacker Magazine shares stories and advice on great outdoor adventures, including adventures that are suitable for families.


2. Outdoor Families Magazine ( and Mommy Hiker (

Two projects from founder Jennifer Fontaine share inspiration and motivation for parents to get outside with their kids on adventures all over the globe.


3. Sarah Carty and Dwane Roberge – Campfires and Kids (

Sarah and Dwane write and share photos about last year’s epic canoe trip with their kids as well as the day-to-day ups and downs of nurturing wilderness children.


4. Raising Kids Wild (

This Vitamin N Challenge winner writes about spending time outside with her kids hiking, camping, and geocaching.


5. Gayle and Family at Sometimes Eventful (

Gayle – founder of the #wegetoutside Twitter chat and the Sometimes Eventful website – writes about stuff, outdoors stuff to be precise. Follow her adventures with her family including the latest addition, Buddy.


6. Meghan Ward – The Adventures in Parenthood Project (

Meghan and her husband Paul are adventurers and freelancers based in Banff, Alberta, exploring and discovering with their daughter.


And here are a few great pieces on taking your kids out on outdoors adventures:


And finally, a couple of organizations you will want to visit:


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Photo Credit: Mt. Hood Adventure

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