Day 3: Headwinds

Date: Monday, August 3, 2015

Weather: 21 degrees Celsius, sustained winds

Distance: ~5 kms

We dawdled a little, slowly tearing down camp, enjoying the return of the sunshine and delaying the inevitable.

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Day 2: Thunderstorm

Date: Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weather: 21 degrees Celsius, sun and a thunderstorm

Distance: ~3 kms

We knew at the start that the day had the potential for iffy weather.

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I Can Cook. Now Help Me With The Tarp.

Wind blew the rain into our camp kitchen. We were mostly dry, as dry as we could be after kayaking all day in a steady rain, thanks to the strategically-hung tarp overhead. The leaders decided to push off a day the Iron Chef ODAN edition competition to allow we weary paddlers a chance to make a simpler meal and turn in early. The nine-day Georgian Bay expedition gave us plenty of time to experiment with the camp craft and provisioning skills we had been practicing in shorter trips over the course of a year in the program.

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