Book Excerpt: Fall Leaves – A Childhood Memory

The maple leaves carpeted our yard. My feet sunk in and I found myself up to my ankles in reds, oranges, and browns, rustling and crunching as I shuffled along the bottom of the hill. The ash-colored rake in my right hand stood a head taller than me, ready for action. Mom lent me a pair of her denim blue chambray garden gloves to protect my eight-year-old hands. I set to work at my end of the yard while Dad got going on his end. + Read More

Exploring Superchickens and Group Dynamics

Throughout my audit and finance career, I was part of some high-functioning, productive teams and part of some pretty dysfunctional teams. What made some of them more successful than others?  + Read More

On Receiving Feedback

In the immortal words of Butthole Surfers’ Pepper, “you never know just how you look through other people’s eyes.”


+ Read More

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