Book Excerpt: Childhood Adventures

We wriggled into our swimsuits and laced up our sneakers. Mom slathered on us the same Coppertone baby sunscreen I use today on my sensitive skin. Kristen, my cousin Chris, and I skipped down the dirt road to the bank of mail boxes, off on our childhood adventures. Mom and Uncle Alan trailed behind. We waited for them to catch up. + Read More

Book Excerpt: Math and Nature

I have spent three decades talking with my dad about the radius, circumference, and area of the Ferris Wheel carrying us round and round at Darien Lake or whether the angles we see between the statuesque oak tree and its shadow are obtuse or acute. + Read More

On Feeling Like Myself

It’s a lovely feeling to walk into an industry event and neither feel like a fraud nor have fear and shyness paralyze me. It’s been a phenomenon for me a few times this spring now. + Read More

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