rainy day in paris

Wordless Wednesdays: Rainy Day in Paris

Wordless Wednesdays: Amore Eterno

Paris, France

Imagine All The People

I’ve struggled since Friday night. Here’s a peek at where I went when I allowed myself to sit and reflect....

Give and Take

“We could try an easy overnight camping trip. You know, Algonquin Park or something,” I said. I felt inspired by...

Historical tour of Normandy

Review: Overlordtour

OVERLORDTOUR PHOTO Church at Angoville au Plain “Do you know what this is?” Our guide, Stephane Kraus of Overlordtour, gestured...

Travel through France

Past travel experiences: Amboise

I have learned to say “Canadian” when asked what nationality my husband and I are while traveling. I feel I’m...