Give and Take

“We could try an easy overnight camping trip. You know, Algonquin Park or something,” I said. I felt inspired by our early spring hike.

My husband turned around and eyed me with a sideways glance.

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Review: Overlordtour

Church at Angoville au Plain

“Do you know what this is?” Our guide, Stephane Kraus of Overlordtour, gestured for me to step over “this” ahead of him as we exit the church grounds at Angoville au Plain, our first stop on a ten-hour Normandy / D-Day / Band of Brothers tour.  “This three-foot step allowed people to get in and out of the church but kept the cows out as they ran by.”  With that simple fact and acknowledgement that I was not a D-Day history buff, Kraus drew me into the rest of the day’s tour. + Read More

Past travel experiences: Amboise

I have learned to say “Canadian” when asked what nationality my husband and I are while traveling. I feel I’m only telling half a lie and really, these days, no one wants to hear “American.” So it beats me why I felt the need to explain the whole truth to the older couple sitting one table over from us at a mediocre dinner in Amboise, France last May. + Read More

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