Review: MEC Spark UL 1+

In late spring I knew the summer of 2016 had the potential to be hot. I didn’t want to sweat through six canoe trips in my four-season TGV-2. So I started looking for a lightweight three-season that also wouldn’t take up a ton of space in my backpack once I got around to finally doing my solo overnights (still hasn’t happened yet but I will go on one before the end of the year, you have my word).

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Review: MEC’s TGV 2 Tent

I bought Mountain Equipment Co-op’s TGV 2 tent two years ago over the Labor Day 2012 weekend, just before the start of the Fall Camp that would officially kick off my career change. It was a bit of an impulse buy; as the second oldest person in the college program I was starting, I didn’t want to end up sharing a tent with someone half my age. After my husband got me settled into my little Pembroke cottage and headed five hours home to Toronto, I made the hour and a half drive east into Westboro for the first of many MEC Ottawa shopping runs. + Read More

Fall Camp

Contrary to popular belief, summer does not end with the Labo(u)r Day weekend.  I re-discovered this the hard way, sweating buckets overnight in my brand new MEC TGV 2 tent and slapping at imaginary insects crawling up my arms.  Welcome to your new program, career change, and new life!  Air conditioning?  Long gone.  Showers?  Forget about it.  That’s what the Ottawa River is for.

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