A Personal Reflection on Worry

I worry a lot. About

Porcupine by Fyn Kynd

Sharing Space with a Porcupine

Porcupine! I smiled as the source of ruffling leaves made itself known to me.

when I am quiet

When I Am Quiet: A Meditation

When I am quiet I hear the woodpecker keeping the beat to the symphony of ruby-crowned kinglet trills, chickadee-dee-dees, and...

nature-rich life

Recap: Don Dialogues – Creating a Nature-Rich Life

On a rainy Thursday night in Toronto I ventured down to Evergreen Brick Works to listen to a panel discuss...

math and nature

Book Excerpt: Math and Nature

I have spent three decades talking with my dad about the radius, circumference, and area of the Ferris Wheel carrying...

Book Review: Nature Cure

Or: Three Things You Need to Know about Richard Mabey’s Nature Cure   I had grand plans of writing a...

Wordless Wednesdays: Carolina Thread Trail

Wordless Wednesdays: Carolina Thread Trail

Eagle's nest at the Wild Center

Recap: The Wild Center

The girls ran up the walkway at the Wild Center, following the noise of the crowd, their young legs seemingly...

Wordless Wednesdays: Bull Elk and His Harem

Wordless Wednesdays: Bull Elk and His Harem


I have spent much of my free time over the last week deliberating on the word contribution – what it...

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