Recap: The Wild Center

The girls ran up the walkway at the Wild Center, following the noise of the crowd, their young legs seemingly unaffected by our Mount Arab hike only an hour earlier. Their moms and I trudged behind them, dodging and weaving around other adults who had stopped to read the interpretive signs lining the railings. + Read More

Wordless Wednesdays: Bull Elk and His Harem

20151027 - bull elk and his harem


I have spent much of my free time over the last week deliberating on the word contribution – what it means to me, how it plays a role in the life I lead and the work I do, who I impact. It’s a concept, if not the word itself, I’ve thought of often over the five years (five years!!) since I first worked with a career counselor to take the baby steps to a change. + Read More

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