Recap: The Wild Center

The girls ran up the walkway at the Wild Center, following the noise of the crowd, their young legs seemingly unaffected by our Mount Arab hike only an hour earlier. Their moms and I trudged behind them, dodging and weaving around other adults who had stopped to read the interpretive signs lining the railings. + Read More

Trip Report: Adventures in the Adirondacks

The idea for this trip with two dear, hometown friends (Kellie and Liz) and their daughters (Anna, Maura, and Sadie) came about the same week as May’s Georgian Bay kayak-camping outing. I had posted in Facebook asking if anyone had little girls that they would lend me for Wild Women Expeditions’ Women & Girls canoe trip in Killarney and both friends volunteered theirs.

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Day 1: Pre-Trip Preparations in Ithaca

Day 1: Saturday, August 22, 2015

The bulk of our pre-trip preparations were done over the late spring and early summer via e-mail and spreadsheets (it’s me – of course there was a spreadsheet!). I drove down to Ithaca on Friday night to start the weekend of our adventures.

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