Winter Mindfulness at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Ninja-like I was not: the waxless cross-country skis I rented from the park office hummed along as I gained steam down the hill. Combined with the mindless nattering of my inner dialogue, I couldn’t hear anything else.  When I reached the crest of the next hill I stopped and listened. A light breeze whispered through evergreens. A downy woodpecker knocked insistently. Saturday morning traffic droned on Highway 11. My friends’ laughter carried back to me, urging me to catch up.

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Sumptuous Saturdays at the Evergreen Brick Works

I’m ready for spring. A quick piece on one of my favorite harbingers of better weather:

As my San Francisco-based sister and I wind our way down the Moore Park Ravine, we laugh and catch up on months’ worth of career development and family dynamics, fair Irish skin shaded by the canopy of ash, birch, maple, oak, and poplar. My husband trails behind us documenting our travels with his digital camera. Sudden blinding sun and a steady stream of strollers and hypoallergenic dogs signal arrival at our destination.  It is Saturday morning at Evergreen Brick Works and the aroma of buttery crêpes, maple-sugared sweet potato doughnuts, and sea salted-French fries from the Farmers’ Market wafts up and calls us in to sample local treats.

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A Canoe Adventure in Woodland Caribou

The gallery above and the photos that follow are a handful of my favorites after spending two weeks in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in late May.

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