Wordless Wednesdays: Spring Equinox in the Ottawa Valley

River Touring: Sea Kayaking

Day One: Thursday started off chilly, close to the freezing mark but with warmer temperatures on the way.  We sat shivering in our stinky, damp borrowed wetsuits in the amphitheater at WT, listening to Greg introduce his co-instructors Steve and Eric and watching a few short videos on ocean kayaking to give us some perspective.  Greg divided us alphabetically amongst the three instructors and we set out for the 20 minute walk to Presqu’ile (PQ) Beach with a bit of a bounce in our step. The sun was starting to warm us up.

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River Touring: Whitewater Rafting

For our third week of skills, we learned how to guide a whitewater raft down Class I rapids.  This was week one of two weeks of “river touring” instruction.

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