red-winged blackbird

Book Excerpt: Welcoming the Red-Winged Blackbirds

Mother Nature never ceases to astound.

spring equinox

Wordless Wednesdays: Spring Equinox in the Ottawa Valley

first day of spring

Happy First Day of Spring!

Trip Report: May Georgian Bay Kayak Camping Trip

After a lovely happy birthday text last November, I received a second text: “I’d love to get back to Canada...

Day 3: Philip Edward Island to Toronto

Date: Thursday May 7, 2015 Weather: Sunny and breezy. High of 20 degrees Celsius. Distance: ~7km We took advantage of the warm...

Day 2: Kayaking Philip Edward Island

Date: Wednesday May 6, 2015 Weather: Sunny and calm. High of 20+ degrees Celsius. Distance: ~10km This was our day to explore...

Day 1: Toronto to Killarney

Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Weather: Sunny and calm. High of 16 degrees Celsius. Distance: ~5km The day started early and...