$4 Off Admission to the Outdoor Adventure Show

The Outdoor Adventure Show starts a week from today! Jenny Martindale and I will be representing Wild Women Expeditions in booth 639. The show organizers gave us a promo code to share with you.

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Sumptuous Saturdays at the Evergreen Brick Works

I’m ready for spring. A quick piece on one of my favorite harbingers of better weather:

As my San Francisco-based sister and I wind our way down the Moore Park Ravine, we laugh and catch up on months’ worth of career development and family dynamics, fair Irish skin shaded by the canopy of ash, birch, maple, oak, and poplar. My husband trails behind us documenting our travels with his digital camera. Sudden blinding sun and a steady stream of strollers and hypoallergenic dogs signal arrival at our destination.  It is Saturday morning at Evergreen Brick Works and the aroma of buttery crêpes, maple-sugared sweet potato doughnuts, and sea salted-French fries from the Farmers’ Market wafts up and calls us in to sample local treats.

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Petawawa Terrace

20121013 - fionn colorOur tires crunched over the gravel parking lot, indicating our arrival at our destination about 20 minutes after we left my tiny cottage-apartment in Pembroke. The Wheaten sat upright and whined softly from the back seat. As soon as we released him from his seatbelt he leapt six feet out the car door, nose to ground soaking up the scents. Mid-fall in the Ottawa Valley brought crisp blue skies, puffy white clouds, and long afternoon shadows while the warm, herbal scent of brittle leaves permeated the breeze. I grabbed my camera, a notebook, and my copy of Forest Plants of Central Ontario. My husband took on dog duty. + Read More

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