Quick Update

In the last three and a half weeks, I have whitewater canoed the French River, canoed and camped near an under-control forest fire in Killarney Park, and canoed through the beautiful backcountry wilderness of Temagami. I have a ton of photos to process and writing to share with you; however as I write this I am sitting at my gate at Toronto’s Pearson Airport waiting for my plane to Deer Lake, Newfoundland – the Gros Morne area will be my playground for the next week.  A canoe and hike trip in the Adirondacks follows this one. So my friends…photos and detailed stories will come this fall with bits and pieces posted as I have access to WiFi.

How Do You Pronounce Portage?

I learned to canoe in Canada so my “portage” sounds more French than if I’d learned in the States.

 20130609 - portage

Maneuvering Out of the Eddy

20130609 - maneuvering eddy 1

20130609 - maneuvering eddy 2

20130609 - maneuvering eddy 3

20130609 - maneuvering eddy 4

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