Day 1: Arrival at Mew Lake

Date: Friday, January 16, 2015

Weather: Sunny, -15 degrees Celsius at Mew Lake on arrival

I packed up my car Thursday night to try to reduce the amount of separation anxiety I cause in my Wheaten Terrier. I didn’t want three trips down to the car on Friday morning. As it was, he came down to the car with me and an armload of last minute items (oh hello camp chair!) Friday morning before our first walk. Not a great start.

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Trip Report: Algonquin Park’s Mew Lake Campground

In the middle of November, my husband and I attended a wedding for two dear friends. Doesn’t every outdoor adventure story start like this? We knew our wedding photographer friends were shooting the event and laughed as guests watched in confusion as we hugged and kissed our friends after wishing the bride and groom hearty congratulations.

As we stood behind the receiving line, Brian paused from shooting, leaned over and said “I’m going camping in Algonquin January 16th to 19th.”

“Sweet! Do you have room for one more?”

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10 Tips for Winter Layering

Two years ago during a particularly frigid mid-March, I set out with 15 others on my first-ever winter camping trip. We traveled between pre-determined checkpoints, navigating by topo map and compass, trekking through the snow on snowshoes, camping primarily on Crown Land in the Ottawa Valley. We hung tarps strategically to block the wind while we cooked dinners at dusk and breakfasts by weak, morning light.

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