Trip Report: Adventures in the Adirondacks

The idea for this trip with two dear, hometown friends (Kellie and Liz) and their daughters (Anna, Maura, and Sadie) came about the same week as May’s Georgian Bay kayak-camping outing. I had posted in Facebook asking if anyone had little girls that they would lend me for Wild Women Expeditions’ Women & Girls canoe trip in Killarney and both friends volunteered theirs.


We ultimately decided that Killarney was a bit too far from Ithaca, New York for a long weekend trip and set our sights on the Adirondacks. A little research led me to a New York Times’ article from 1990 written by a former Ithaca middle school science teacher who turned out to be the mother of a classmate. Small world! She sung the praises of Rollins Pond State Campground as a family-friendly way to enjoy the outdoors. More recent reviews on Trip Advisor concurred. I booked a lovely-looking end site online and we had our location set.

Between the three adults we determined we had enough camping gear to manage the six of us. The campground rented all the paddling gear we needed. Here’s what I packed:


2 Responses to “Trip Report: Adventures in the Adirondacks

  • Great trip report! I enjoyed reading about how you gave the girls all the elements of outdoor adventure in a way that was safe and relatively comfortable. They will remember this trip for a lifetime. I’ve never been to the Adirondacks, so it was also nice to read about a campground in a different region. By the way – how did I miss the call to borrow kids? Next time you’re looking to share adventures with girls in the 10-12 year-old age range, let me know! I have a 10 year-old. 😉

    • Thanks, Gayle! I think it’s because I posted it on my personal Facebook page. And now we’re connected so you’ll see when I post something like that the next time. 😉 As it turns out it was good no one took me up on it – I ended up guiding that trip!

      The Adirondacks are beautiful. I can’t believe I didn’t spend more time there as a kid. I’m going to post something next week on the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. If you do head down to that part of the park on a family trip, it’s worth popping in for a few hours.