Trip Report: May Georgian Bay Kayak Camping Trip

After a lovely happy birthday text last November, I received a second text: “I’d love to get back to Canada sometime and see some of these pretty places you post about. Could I convince you to take/join me on a kayak excursion in the spring?” Sure, Irene. Twist my rubber arm!


I started planning this trip along with an Adirondacks’ canoe trip the same week. Except because neither was coming up on me suddenly, planning was a little molasses-like. A little research here, a little research there. I knew I wanted to take Irene, who lives in Boston, to Georgian Bay. I was most familiar with it, of all the spots we could have picked in Ontario for sea kayaking, and I still had my charts from the ODAN program. By Christmastime we had our first week in May dates picked out and then planning began in earnest towards the end of February with me keeping an eye on the ice situation on Georgian Bay. I consulted with Killarney Outfitters periodically. A week before our departure date, ice finally was declared out and I put a deposit on two kayak rentals. I grocery shopped early Monday morning, picked Irene up at the airport late Monday morning, finished food prep in the afternoon, and got packed up in the evening.


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