Trip Report: Partridge Creek Canoe Trip

Put five paddlers who have never paddled together –  most of whom had never met – add a gorgeous spring weekend and a new-to-them route and see what pops out!


This trip came together in what felt like record time. E-mail introductions went out on Friday, April 10th. The route was scouted by air and videotaped (SO wicked) on Saturday the 11th to determine how much ice still sat on our proposed route. On Monday the 13th two of us bowed out of the trip then jumped back in a day later. On Tuesday the 14th, one of us who was in then bowed out due to time constraints. By Wednesday the 15th we had our confirmed five paddlers in two tandems and a solo canoe: David, Andrei, Justin, me, and Martin.

With a day and a half to sort out group gear, paddling pair gear, and individual gear the e-mails flew fast and furiously. Thank goodness for e-mail.

I shopped on Wednesday for snacks and ingredients for a Friday night fajita dinner. On Thursday I rummaged through our second-bedroom closet / my gear shed and started pulling out and organizing everything I would need for a whitewater canoe trip. I baked oatmeal cookies, did food prep, and packed Thursday night.


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