Trip Report: Temagami Canoe Trip

I get to see so much of the province through canoe tripping. The Temagami canoe trip was my second official guiding gig with Wild Women Expeditions. It departed two days after my first official gig!

Temagami Preparations

I benefitted when another guide had a conflict in her schedule and had to bow out of the Temagami weekend. A year and a bit after finishing my training at Algonquin College, after going back and forth with myself over whether I had the personality to guide trips, I got my chance. I supported long-time WWE guide Jennifer Holub.


After the Killarney Women & Girls canoe trip, I followed Jenny Martindale back to her home to help her unpack the Killarney trip, clean and air out group gear, and prepare for the Temagami trip. We grocery shopped, packed barrels, and repacked gear a day later.


Jen Holub and I set out to meet our group at the Sportsman Lodge, running the eight woman through Wild Women Expeditions’ policies, what our group gear looked like, and how to pack gear for a canoe trip. We turned in early to get a good night’s sleep.



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